Church Recorders

Church Recorders are TAS volunteers who make records of the contents of our national churches, thereby promoting the recognition and preservation of the rich artistic heritage to be found in places of worship of all religions. Church recording is a fascinating occupation providing those involved with an increasing awareness and understanding of Church furnishings, both of their religious use and of their artistic provenance. There is also an opportunity for those interested to delve into all sorts of archive material. 

More than 1,600 Church Records have been completed. 

Church Recording in Sussex:

Sussex Area Church Recorders celebrated it's 100th Church Recording in March 2015 with a party held at Ringmer Village Hall attended by our (then) Chairman,  Lyn Main, our Vice Chairman, Phil Down and many other invited guests hosted by our representative Sheila Ryan.  After a buffet lunch and some light entertainment. the party enjoyed a delicious cake given by Lyn Main.   Click here for photo of Special Cake

 We are currently working towards our next 100 as seen below:

TAS Adur Valley (now TAS Henfield) :  Despite having found recording harder than some members of the Group had anticipated, the Group has reformed and their Leader has encouraged everyone to work on a second record.  Consequently, the Group has started recording St Margaret's, Ditchling.  A previous record of this church, completed in 1987, is badly in need of updating. The Group intends to produce a new replacement record in accordance with present day standards including digital photography.
TAS Arun:  This enthusiastic new Group started recording St Mary Magdalene Church, Lyminster in March 2016.  Members are applying themselves well to the task and setting the necessary high standard.
TAS Chischester, TAS City of Chichester and TAS Lavant Valley :  This experienced Group is currently recording the church of St Peter and St Mary, Fishbourne.
TAS Eastbiourne:  The Group has completed the recording of the fairly small church of St Pancras, Arlington.  The Record was presented to the church in the Spring 2017.  The Group, which as been strengthened by some new members, has just started to record at the ancient parish church of St Simon & St Jude, East Dean.
TAS East Grinstead:  The Group is progressing well with the recording of St Mary the Virgin, East Grinstead.  Recording is nearly complete and the complier is working on the draft sections.
TAS Horsham:  Some time ago the Group completed the records of St John the Baptist, Kirdford and Holy Trinity, Plaistow.  As originally planned the two records of these sister churches were presented together.  This took place on Sunday 16th October 2016 and the Group was duly entertained to a lovely buffet lunch afterwards!  
TAS Mid Sussex:  Most of the sections of the record of St Mark's, Staplefield have been completed.  Progress on the final sections has been further delayed by bereavement and health reasons amongst this small Group, but they are determined to complete their record.
TAS Midhurst: Recording has been virtually completed at the tiny shepherd's church of St Andrew, Didling.  This inexperienced Group has been taking great care to comply with the TAS guidance.  Compiling is now at an advanced stage.
TAS Newick (now joined with TAS Uckfield and Lewes); This Group has disbanded after the successful presentation of their Record to St. Peter, Chailey on Sunday 16th October 2016.  This was an achievement because the drafts of the record had languished untouched for about 6 years.  The group was revived in 2014 but it was the expert input of Jennifer and Keith Cross, as compiler and photographer respectively, which brought it to fruition.ailey.
TAS Turner's Hill: Recording is progressing steadily and carefully at All Saints, Highbrook and some sections are nearly complete.  However, this conscientious Group has suffered from ill-health amongst its members and because of the necessary replacement of recorders of some sections progress has been slowed down.
TAS Uckfield and Lewes (now joined with TAS Newick): St Mary the Virgin, Ringmer (current).

For more details please contact Church Recorders Area Representative, Mrs Sheila Ryan email: For an update presented to the Area Forum on 18 October 2019 please click here.