Monday 4 October 2021 - Special Interest Day - MUSIC AND ART 1450-1800 WHAT DOES THAT PAINTING SOUND LIKE?

To be held at:

The Ark, Mount Lane, Turners Hill, England, RH10 4RA

Monday 4 October - 10:00 am to 3:30pm 

 £35 per day (including lunch) or £18 (without lunch) avaliable from Eventbrite

Join us for a day to exploring the many connections between music and art from the medieval period to the early nineteenth century, with a particular focus on Old Master paintings. Although music is often separated from the visual arts in the current day, many great artists were also musicians and took both disciplines extremely seriously. Paintings and sculpture inform us how music was performed and consumed centuries ago, and allow us to glimpse into the past with both our eyes and ears. Our exploration will be illustrated by several pieces of music  performed live on a lute.

Our lecturer, Adam Busiakiewicz, is an Art Historian, Lecturer and Lutenist. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in History at University College London in 2010 he held the position of Head of Historical Interpretation (curator) at Warwick Castle. He left the castle in 2013 after winning a full AHRC studentship to pursue a Master’s Degree in Fine and Decorative Art at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London. He is currently finishing his doctorate in Art History at the University of Warwick for which he received a full scholarship. Adam is a Lecturer / Educator at the National Gallery and Guide Lecturer at the Wallace Collection, where he has organised several events and courses on Music & Art as well as other subjects. He has also given talks and performances at the Royal Collection, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Alongside his publications and scholarly articles, Adam is the co-editor of, one of the internet’s most popular art history blogs.

Our day will be split into three lectures, two in the morning and one in the afternoon after a lunch break of about an hour and a quarter.

General admission with lunch includes a ploughman's lunch, fresh fruit, a glass of wine and coffee in its pricing, whereas General Admission only includes coffee on arrival. All ticket prices are inclusive of the Eventbrite booking fee.

For your safety, in relation to covid-19, on arrival at The Ark, entry to the main hall will be through the fire doors on the north side of the building. Face masks should be worn when moving around the building, for example when using the toilets. Moving from the main hall to our luncheon room will involve going outdoors via the rooms'  respective fire doors.

For more information contact Richard Beale

Any monies accrued by running the Area's Special Interest Days will be used in furtherance of the Arts Society's charitable objectives.