As part of St. Swithun’s, East Grinstead Festival of Arts, East Grinstead Meridian Rotary invited students from Imberhorne & Sackville schools to exhibit their artistic talents. The exhibition, in the church, included fine art, photography, 3D ceramics and textiles. The Festival of Arts will also include floral displays, music and choral entertainment. On Tuesday 2nd July there was an award ceremony at 5.30pm when the Town Mayor announced the winners in each category, as voted for by the visitors to the Festival. Sackville School choir gave a performance prior to the ceremony. The Arts Society East Grinstead sponsored a £50 book voucher prize for the overall best entry, also on the basis of voting by visitors to the church. For a photographic record click here.

In addition, voters chose their favourite from four winning dinner plates in the Create a Plate competition, created by children from Estcots, Halsford Park, St. Mary’s & Lingfield Primary schools, based on the theme ‘My Favourite Book Character’. 

The winner of the Create a Plate competition was Charlotte Campion from Lingfield Primary School. 

The overall winner of the Arts Society East Grinstead Award was Ellie Sargant from Imberhorne School for her painting on a bearded man and was included in the Drawing and Painting Section. Ellie’s statement on why she painted this was “This painting is based on a photo taken of a stranger in Horsham. I became particularly fascinated by this old man as I had been successful in capturing this man in his surroundings. I feel some people stand out from the business of towns and cities, and this man was one of them. I chose him as a subject as I feel that through his aged face, a story of his life can be seen. I hope to catch his inner peace as well as his loneliness.” 

Meridian Rotary festival co-ordinator commented “I am constantly amazed at the quality of artistic abilities of our young people from primary school age to sixth form levels as shown in this exhibition. Rotary is appreciative of St Swithuns Church making the church available for the exhibition.”