The second Spring Area Special Interest Day took place on 9 March at the Ark, Turners Hill, when popular TAS lecturer Mary Alexander presented a fascinating seminar on “Edwardian Elegance: Art, High Society and Fashion”. Mary’s uniquely conversational style of delivery invites the audience to bond with the emotions and motivations of the people presented and depicted on screen. Hence the Edwardian figures we were introduced to came to life and were not just outdated portraits of an era long past, absurd and extravagant as well as irrelevant, but in many cases the harbingers of the modernism of fashion, and with it the place of women in society, that gradually took place in the later 19th century and accelerated in the next decade and exploded after the First World War had eroded class rigidity beyond retrieval.

We were treated to numerous caricatures of figures of Edwardian High Society, many as depicted by the international portrait artist John Singer Sargent, whose skills and sometimes subtly critical depictions were instructively explored at some length. Naturally, Edward VII and his mistresses featured prominently, but we also learned of the discrete differences in tailoring, couture and jewellery that separated one level in the multi-layered upper classes from another and applied to all participants in this social elite, whether qualified by ancient aristocratic lineage, by newly acquired family wealth or by convenient foreign marriages. Finally, we learned that the influence of the non-aristocratic American upper classes, supported by great fortunes, on the mores, fashions and liaisons with the British and some other European aristocracies, all already arguably in decline.

Unusually, but pleasingly, Mary brought a number of exhibits from her personal collection of Edwardian fabrics, fashion accessories, postcards and art works. She also made frequent references to a reading list of books and articles on British Edwardian society, ranging from the sycophantic through the objective to the cynical and satirical. This is appended below, but for those who want to print it out, the link is here.

Edwardian Elegance: Art, High Society and Fashion

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